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Attractive Maiden of Lust of Diablo 3

Previously we showed you cosplay of Maiden of Lust in Diablo 3 and players liked it a lot. Since you like Maiden of Lust, today we will provide you with some hardcore pictures. Hope you like them.


The real Maiden of Lust. Comparing to the black female creature in the game, will these evoke your interest?


Diablo 3, Maiden of Lust


Diablo 3, Maiden of Lust


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  • By Asen (not verified)

    On your phone go to MultiPlayer.Click Player MatchThen Click Custom MatchChoose what you want ( i love free mode personally)Then Click Private SlotsPut only 1 Private Slot To Secure You Get In A Lobby of Your OwnClick game and you will have hotesd a matchIn the lobby the rules are on the side like cops and weather and weapons etc.. then when you chosen the rules everyone press A (X if your on Ps3 BOOOOO) and game VOILA!!!!

    May 27. 2014
  • By Anonymous (not verified)

    женские ножки это конечно хорошо, но когда их много это пугает и отталкивает)))

    Jan 8. 2013