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Do you have such experience that when you login to your Diablo 3 account, multiple friend requests pop up. However, they are actually not friend request but information from gold site or advertisement. Community manager Vaeflare replied as follows:



Just like the botters you mentioned, we take reports concerning gold spam very seriously and are continuing to take steps to combat it. As long as you are taking the time to report and block these users, then you are helping us ensure that we’re aware of which players are attempting to abuse the friend request system so that we can investigate them and take action against them.

We’re always looking to improve your online experience, and that includes the reporting system. Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback!


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  • By Makina (not verified)

    Actually 99% of the spam requests are from the 2 3rd party websites (i am not going to name them here and give advertising, everybody who plays knows who they are)

    Just remove the ability for trial accounts to send or make friend requests. Or view "Friends Of Friends"

    Jan 7. 2013
  • By skitzflik (not verified)

    Umm Vaefire, why not just disable the ability for TRIAL accounts to send or make friend requests.

    The game already has them flagged as different from Full users, why can they even MAKE friend requests.

    Blocking them from being able to make friend requests would solve ALL of the spam instantly.

    Jan 7. 2013