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Bashiok Shows off Christmas Gift Made by His Mother

You must remember that long time ago, Bashiok used to say that his mother came up with some suggestions to the game and the suggestions were accepted. At that time, he was teased a lot by players, though most of them are well-meaning.


However, after reading Bashiok’s Twitter, we have to admit that his mother is brilliant! She crafted a special Christmas gift for Bashiok according to his community head portrait and sculpt in the game.


Bashiok, Christmas Gift


Yes! Bashiok said the bronze statue was made by his mother. The statue should be made with copper tubes and components. It’s very vivid.


In Twitter, Bashiok said it would be better if his mother could weld. It seems that his mother is really good at crafting!


Anyway, Merry Christmas to Bashiok and all Diablo 3 players!


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