Pickup Radius Should be Considered as One of Gear Stats

The Stats of Pickup radius in Diablo 3, for the players, is very valuable. You can see it from the AH. Easier to pick up blood ball and gold, not only during farm, but also under high difficult fighting, are both very useful. However, some players thought that the stat is no use to them. He thought it is foolish to run around the gold for a long time, why do not let the designer to enlarge the pickup radius?

Community Manager Vaeflare expressed, when you owned the stats, it would worked at once. The stats directly influenced the farm efficiency and gear build. Of course, he said he would give the suggestion to the designer. 



Community Manager

I actually recently posted concerning pickup radii here, and I highly recommend checking out that particular thread.


In short: we like that there are different itemization choices, and that players often have to weigh their options when comparing gear in order to be the most efficient, to have the greatest DPS, to find the best loot, etc. We do appreciate the feedback, though!


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  • By Монстер (not verified)

    вне всяких сомнений радиус подбора один из наиболее важных статов в игре, а те кто думают иначе, ничего не понимают

    Dec 20. 2012
  • By gfjhyfgh (not verified)

    Hello were talking one stat on all your gear, about time people bellied up to the bar and picked it up if they want it.

    Dec 19. 2012
  • By ftghfg (not verified)

    The majority of the players just think that 0-pickup radius is ridiculous, we need at least 1.

    Dec 19. 2012