Notice Technology Department If You Cannot Get Nephalem Valor

After the patch 1.0.6a, a player said in Diablo 3 Community that he could not achieve Nephalem Valor sometimes. The community manager Vaeflare gave a reply that, he should notice the technology department of Blizzard at once, tell them the details about the bug, and they would deal with the bug. 


Diablo 3, Nephalem Valor



I haven’t personally encountered this issue, but if you notice it happen again, make sure to keep track of what exactly you killed and then post the specifics over in the Bug Report forum so that the proper folks can investigate it.


Tag: D3


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  • By fgthf (not verified)

    I have never seen that happen. Probably missed an elite that ran off your screen or something!

    Dec 19. 2012