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Personal Attack?No

There are always all kinds of comments with biting sarcasm in community forums. Of course, to Blizzard, there is no escape from fate. But, sometimes, they are just intense war of words regarding various ideas.


However, sometimes, there are some people giving sharp comments. Lylirra, gave the reply to this kind of players as follows,



Regardless of one's feelings about Diablo III and its development team, harassment directed at its employees is not permitted in these forums (especially when it comes to threats of violence). It is never appropriate to suggest real-life harm within this or any Blizzard community, and we will respond to such threats with all due diligence.

We welcome criticism provided that it is shared constructively; however, defamatory language that has a clear malicious intent and/or fails to promote positive discussion -- which you have been so kind to illustrate -- will not be tolerated, and in many cases will lead to a notable vacation of your posting privileges. Please take this time to reconsider how you communicate within this forum.

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  • By fgth (not verified)

    Does "Jay Wilson is a bad game designer" qualify? Is that harassment?

    Does "Diablo 3 is boring game after level 60" qualify?

    Dec 19. 2012
  • By fgthfg (not verified)

    Please define what "harassment towards Blizzard employees and towards Diablo 3" actually means.

    Dec 19. 2012
  • By папа римский (not verified)

    вот пожалуй соглашусь что это ни как не искоренить, но вот угрожать жизне это конечн оперебор

    Dec 17. 2012
  • By патриот (not verified)

    вот что то мне подсказывает что им ни как не удастся запретить оскорбления на форуме, в сети это было есть и будет всегда !!

    Dec 17. 2012