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PvP Blog Will Be Delayed to the End of this Month

Do you remember Jay Wilson’s announcing PvP blog and the delay of announcing? Now we can see that, we should wait for this until the end of this month. Jay Wilson gave the reply on Twitter as follows,


Jay Wilson, “We are not likely to post a PVP update until the end of the month. Note: that is not a promise. That's all I'll say about that.”


As we all know that, PvP blog is good news for us, just needing to wait for a period of time. Anyway, we will keep on paying attention to it. 

Tag: Diablo3, Jay Wilson


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  • By yhfdhj (not verified)

    Except that Blues have already clearly stated that PvP will in fact be patched in, and not sold via an expansion.

    Dec 13. 2012
  • By gjhyfgh (not verified)

    Execs probably saw his first tweet, called him to their board room, and yelled at him: "Are you INSANE? We're not GIVING things away! You idiot, we'll save PvP for an expansion!"

    Dec 13. 2012
  • By Баракуда (not verified)

    Ну так разобраться елси то до конца месяца осталось не так то уж и много

    Dec 13. 2012