Different Players Different Style, Keep Passion

One player said that after seeing the improvement of Blizzard on Diablo 3, his passion on the games of Blizzard has come back. Regarding this, Community manager Vaeflare said, there werealways some games that would cost you lots of time, just to find the fun in the games.



One thing I’ve learned over the years is that everyone games differently. Some folks prefer to indulge in just one game at a time, some rotate between a few choice favorites over time, and some juggle multiple games within the same day. For me, it just depends what mood I’m in at any given time, and while I’m passionate about Diablo III, I also still actively play WoW and quite a number of other games ranging across different genres and formats. There’s certainly a lot out there to play, but for me at least, it’s great having a few staples that keep me coming back for more. :)


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  • By Idris (not verified)

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    Jan 26. 2013
  • By gyhdfhj (not verified)

    With the decisions they've made in the last few years though I don't see that happening.

    Dec 12. 2012
  • By ghydgf (not verified)

    D3 has so many unaddressed performance issues for people with all ranges of PC hardware, ridiculous loot issues for anyone who can't treat the game like a job, and no feeling of progression at all for a semi-casual player.

    Dec 12. 2012
  • By fghfdhg (not verified)

    I had the annual pass which in retrospect was probably a mistake. I had high hopes for MoP but it turned out to be more of the same, just wrapped in a different skin. They filled the game with mini-games, hoping to get more mileage out of content.

    Dec 12. 2012
  • By Перевозчик (not verified)

    пожалуй менеджер прав, чем чаще ты меняешь игры тем медленнее они тебе надоедают)))

    Dec 11. 2012