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PvP Blog Postponed

Do you still remember that Jay Wilson twittered “PvP blog is releasing very soon” a few days ago?


A player twittered:”Are we closer then "Very Soon" with that D3 PvP Blog yet?” Jay Wilson replied like this:


Jay Wilson


It seems that we have to wait a little bit longer to read the PvP Blog. Anyway, we still believe that PvP will make Diablo 3 more interesting.


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  • By fghdfh (not verified)

    LOL what a dumb ass cunt, God damnit we have to wait 12 more years.. or until he dies.

    Dec 7. 2012
  • By fdgd (not verified)

    I'm saying it again: there's no pvp. just let it go. y'all got scammed for sixty bucks.

    Dec 7. 2012
  • By Кремаль (not verified)

    Вот пвп появится только в следующем году так что можно пока успокоится и занять чем нибудь другим

    Dec 6. 2012