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Whimsyshire is not Designed for Farming

Previously in Diablo 3, many players would like to farm in Whimsyshire. As time goes by, Whimsyshire is not that popular any more. Recently, a player asked on the community if there were still players farming Whimsyshire. Community manager Lylirra said Whimsyshire was a place of fun. She will go there. But it’s not a farm spot.



Whimsyshire is actually one of my favorite places to farm whenever I'm looking to gear up another character, or help out a friend do something similar. It's nice change of pace (and scenery) and, hey, I get to punch bears in the face. So there's that.


As for super serious farming? Nah, not really. It's definitely not my preferred spot, but it wasn't really designed to be that. It's a fun addition to the game, for sure, but not necessarily a core part of it. :)



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  • By fthdrt (not verified)

    Not that I found. I get 5 stacks then do Azmo. Usually 2-3 rares per kill. I haven't found any knockout items yet, but I have still made some money doing it.

    Nov 13. 2012
  • By fgthfdh (not verified)

    I've been farming at whimsyshire (done about 5 runs) and I've not gotten a single item that I can sell for more than 150k.

    Nov 13. 2012
  • By Anonymous (not verified)

    да не ну какие нафиг фармиться, там только так по прикаловаться.

    Nov 12. 2012