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Blizzard sues Diablo 3 Bot Developer

German Court of Hanburg, Germany sentences the bot program developer of Diablo 3 Auction House with 50.000€ fine or maximum 2 years’ detention up.

Summary of the court verdict:
The defendant is in the way of interlocutory prohibited, produce without the consent of the applicant to use a computer program, and / or publicly offer for download, that players of the computer game "Diablo III" can be used to by the applicant operated "Diablo III Auction House"
a) The search and observation of the offers on this auction platform and
b) The submission of bids, in this particular auction house offered Objects to automate.
Punishment: Administrative fine or detention up to 2 years maximum. The defendant shall pay the costs of litigation and the amount in controversy is €50,000.
Post of the developer:
i was trying to start a career in coding with this. the project taught me how to code my first lines and the progress has been very reassuring for how i look at myself and how it never seems too late to make a change in plans. i thought there was a place for me at home as a coder, being able to secure a future for my daughter. ive had to quit sdtudying medicine because of the illness and my daughter was the only reason why i worked the flesh off my bones instead of seeking stationary treatment in a clinic. i have not eaten or slept for days in a row (last sleep this morning 4h, before that 68h awake), only leaving the computer when either my bladder was forcing me to or my eyes kept falling shut. I usually introduced sleep after sitting at the pc for 2h of this state in which im half asleep but occasionally waiting up to try new ways of seeing through the blurry mess that my infected eyes presented to me. ive had to undo whole days of coding because of the failing thought processes. im ranting sorry guys, im at wits end. im just praying they dont A take my pc or B send me to jail. I really didnt think Blizzard would ever go this far.
See, i was gonna bring structure to the whole thing, but you gotta realize ive not been receiving any practical help and its the first coding project ive ever had. and ive been losing my mind as i have stressed so many times now. 3 days of the week were always limited to daddy-daughter time. ive only let that slide twice (two single days) in the past 3 yrs 3month. once when she was on vacation with her mum and once when i had the psy. break two weeks ago. the only one who showed support 100% of the time was my mod (later admin) Markus, very solid guy in case anyone is seeking someone like that. He was neither using the bot, nor asking for anything in return, just showing support throughout every single day, despite not knowing me before the project. even when i had my major psychotic break he never started judging. i really appreciate that. unfortunately he cant code and isnt very experienced with forum administration, just saying so "i received no practical help" wont seem like an offense to him if he reads this.


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  • By NinsBoofs (not verified)

    It is a pity, that now I can not express - I am late for a meeting. I will return - I will necessarily express the opinion.

    Jun 10. 2013
  • By Varun (not verified)

    well blizzard has to make a move against bot developers bcoz they are ultimately sacking up there online revenue.

    Feb 26. 2013
  • By pletcherlsr (not verified)

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    And, precisely what does this qualification process incorporate? The truth is.

    Dec 23. 2012
  • By Meh (not verified)

    feck blizzard, if they sue you over this after that much time they can go suck a dick.

    Really as if blizzard really need more money =l

    Nov 16. 2012
  • By ggf (not verified)

    Developing bots harm honest people which play by the rules, SO good job Blizz!
    If I have 7 hungry kids, does it mean I can freely rob someone or brake any law??

    Nov 6. 2012
  • By dumbshit (not verified)

    yeah relate a real crime over a shitty ass minor virtual crime... you're a dumbshit go kill yourself nerd
    i hope all your gaming accounts get hacked so you can finally get yourself a life

    Jan 8. 2013
  • By tgrsgrs (not verified)

    Pretty sure you can't go to jail for coding bots or breaking the TOS for some software. Hence the term "SUED" and not, "CHARGED."

    so yea its prolly fake or this guy is stupid.

    Nov 6. 2012
  • By north face osito (not verified)

    Hey there! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any
    issues with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing several weeks of hard work due to no
    backup. Do you have any solutions to prevent hackers?

    Nov 4. 2012
  • By Soooo (not verified)

    Dude got caught, he needs to take it like a man. He knows he has done wrong and bringing his kids into it to try get some sympathy is disgusting. And he said it himself " i was trying to start a career in coding with this" so im glad Blizz caught him now before he could get his "career" off the ground coding more Bots for other games.

    Nov 3. 2012
  • By hahaha (not verified)

    what a pathetic whelp, makes all those excuses for breaking the law, what did you think that youd never get caught his whole post was a massive sympathy card

    Nov 3. 2012
  • By Marclar (not verified)

    Lol... That's so sad pulling in your family into this... "my first project ever to code a bot for diablo 3" i mean really??? You could have coded a program to help the human kind and earn money instead of coding a bot for diablo 3... man GTFO you deserve to be in jail! cunt pulling in his daughter into this shit... Just wow... I really HOPE blizzard sends you to jail to rot in and think about what you did.

    Nov 1. 2012
  • By the other one (not verified)

    So, haters looking to smash this man's head and send him to rot in jail, please, tell me, how many of you have a kid and understand what it means to be a parent? All you care is about your stupid games that keep poisoning your mind. Remember, idiots, it's caller "video games" for one reason. GAMES, do you get it? GAMES, as in playing for fun!
    This man should be hired by blizz and work in the IT department, blocking other bots.

    Nov 1. 2012
  • By ruffo (not verified)

    This guy should get punished as of breaking the law. I am a proud parent of two and I have never considered steeling from someone to provide money for my family. I think honest work is the way u should go for. So pls stop talking those craps.

    Nov 6. 2012
  • By unknown (not verified)

    +1 for u... GAME is a GAME. but most of them make it their life.
    they have no life at all...

    Nov 3. 2012
  • By na (not verified)

    its a game whit real $$$ value. so no.. no pity for that dude or any dude who trys to tweak it.

    Nov 2. 2012
  • By Slay (not verified)

    " im just praying they dont A take my pc or B send me to jail."

    LOL so taking away the PC is just as bad as jailtime?

    Nov 1. 2012
  • By Wtf (not verified)

    So the French division of Blizzard is pressing a lawsuit against a guy from Germany?

    Why didn't the German Blizzard division make the lawsuit? Looks like a troll to me.

    Nov 1. 2012
  • By Sovereign (not verified)

    I would love to smash this cheaters face in real life, faggot, for destroying the game.I hope Blizzard wins, u go bankrupt and your kids get taken away from you !

    Nov 1. 2012
  • By asd (not verified)

    The kid deserves bad karma. It's his dad's fault, and so does he need to suffer as well.

    That will teach any cheaters some manners. They don't bring their own bodies, but others' as well. In this case, families.

    Nov 1. 2012
  • By na (not verified)

    this dude did know what he was doing. he tryd, he lost, have absolute no pity for him. loser

    Nov 1. 2012
  • By qq (not verified)

    Well he had to think about his doughter before he did that :) this is wrong and against rules,soo...dont get all people to cry nowfor you

    Nov 1. 2012
  • By SKOm (not verified)

    so all of you are mad at a man who ruind you game... aww... some people are just stupid...

    Nov 1. 2012
  • By Mihai (not verified)

    I agree with Justin, Blizzard please leave this man alone. There are real corrupt people out there that are free, and you are going to send to jail a guy for just hacking your game. I don't care about his story or his life, I just don't agree to this punishment. It is not just in any way u want to see it.

    Nov 1. 2012
  • By D3mon (not verified)

    Real life business is real life...You can use your coding skills in some other manner...pay the 50k dolars...You talk about ruining the life of your daughter, well you ruined the pleasure of x milion other people...so why are you more important than us ;)

    Oct 31. 2012