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Diablo 3 Most Popular Legendary and Set Items

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These charts show the Legendary and Set items that are used the most by level 60 characters in Diablo III. The data is generated daily, from the scans of hundreds of thousands of level 60 Diablo III heroes in patch 1.0.4.


There are two sets of charts:


1. Charts listing data only from characters who have achieved Paragon Level 50 or higher.


2. Charts listing data from all level 60 characters.


The charts at the top show the top 25 Legendaries and Set items used by all the classes.


The Relative % column shows how popular an item is within that chart; an item with 10% popularity is used by twice as many heroes as one with 5% popularity.


The columns for each class % list the relative percentage of heroes who use a specific legendary or set item, in that class. For example, in the top chart the Lacuni Prowlers bracers are over 50% in the Barbarian % column. This means that of the Paragon Level 50+ heroes who are wearing those bracers, over 50% of them are Barbarian characters. That does not mean that over 50% of Paragon Level 50+ Barbarians are using the bracers; the class % numbers are relative to each particular item.


Other charts further down the page list the 25 most popular legendary and set items, for each class. The class-specific charts list items like Leoric's Signet that didn't make the top charts. 




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