What to think of the Removal of Legendary Materials

Published:Jun 16. From:Max 0
 Diablo 3, Legendary Materials

Before the new Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls came out, many people were looking forward to its Legendary Materials with anticipation, and I have always thought that forging legendary items was always a crucial component of players making the transition from beginning the game to experiencing its most difficult parts.  But in truth, in the course of the game, the fact that we need to first accumulate a large foundation of forging materials before we can forge legendary items has caused many players to feel ambivalent about Legendary items. Players can spend the same amount of time to find better and more numerous ordinary items. Additionally, in order to forge Aughild's set, we need to use over 100 base materials in addition to 1 unit of Aughild’s material. Only after you split 2 item packages in turn can you finally get your item. For new players, the difficulty and rarity of finding legendary materials leaves them feeling ambivalent. If I can easily get materials in T6, why do I need to bother with Legendary Materials?  Actually, I have always thought that Legendary Items should be divided into 5 Categories: Orange Items: Given to new players to fill their foundation requirements, fairly common. Ordinary Legendary Items: Given to new players to improve themselves as they get more used to the game. Uncommon. Legendary Forging Materials: Given to players who already have a solid understanding of the game, to allow them to survive in more difficult parts of the game by improving their items. Very difficult to forge. Top-Tier Legendary Items: For the most difficult circumstances, item is incredibly strong but also very rare. Items with special characteristics, such as Ice Climbers, Tasker and Theo.  But in the actual game, due to the fact that everyone gets different items, some players manage to get the best items early and can kill the most difficult monsters while other players need to try every possible method to get the items that they need. However, after the anniversary celebration good news has arrived. More and more players have managed to acquire top-tier items. And in the 2.06 version changes material forging will be eliminated, and the difficulty of forging will be reduced. All of this reflects the fact that Blizzard is trying to improve the game. Why? Undoubtedly because of the Ladder.  Only after using a diverse array of items can you excel in Diablo. And only after your tactics are multifaceted, can you attract attention in the Ladder.

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Blizzard Shares with Gamers a Demon Hunter Guide

Published:Jun 7. From:Link 1

In the official Diablo 3 site, Blizzard just posted a Demon Hunter guide for all types of skill and gear levels. Helpful? Just check it out by yourself to see if that’s useful. See below. “Since each Theorycraft Thursday rotation runs for about four weeks between votes, it means that two classes could not be featured in our first round articles. I'm prepared to remedy the situation, so for this week's Theorycraft Thursday we're sharing an explosive Demon Hunter build for all types of skill and gear levels. Are you locked and loaded for Outlaw#1468's "Multiple Rocket Launcher" build?  About the Build:The Multiple Rocket Launcher, or MRL, build focuses on supplying a constant barrage of damage viaStrafe (Rocket Storm). Featuring a high amount of mobility and an endless supply of rockets (where do they come from?), it shifts the focus of skillful play from aiming your abilities to successfully kiting and chasing your enemies.   Delivery for King Leoric—just a few thousand rockets to the face! "Strafe grants continuous mobility and damage, making it optimal for chasing or kiting enemies. This makes it the ultimate skill in providing offense and defense in equal measurement," writes Outlaw. With the auto-targeting power of the rockets spawned by Strafe and other supplemental abilities, enemies with high mobility and a tendency to flee will no longer be a nuisance! The Skills: Outlaw was kind enough to provide us two separate load outs—one designed with less of a gear focus and the other designed for after you've acquired more of the ideal items listed below. For this particular blog, we'll detail the initial build first and then offer additional skill suggestions in a separate section. Active Skills: Entangling Shot (Justice is Served)Primary resource generatorApplied slow allows better kiting and chasingIncreased Hatred regeneration lets you return to using Strafe quicklyNote: With gear progression, this skill will eventually be replacedStrafe (Rocket Storm)Primary damage dealer and thematic focus of the buildPreparation (Punishment)Supplements Strafe’s constant need for HatredAs a low Discipline build, allows you to make better use of this otherwise unused resourceVengeance (Seethe)Offers big burst for elites, boss fights, or Rift GuardiansCombines nicely with Strafe (Rocket Storm) for superior single-target destructionChakram (Shuriken Cloud)Helps fill in one of the major weaknesses in this build: area of effect damageSince Strafe allows you to ignore unit collision, you can make great use of this bonus damage on the goCompanion (Bat Companion)Provides constant much-needed Hatred until resources can be more reliably gained from itemsCan fill in for boosts of Hatred when you don't have enough Discipline for Preparation Passive Skills:Blood VengeanceHelps sustain high resource drains from Strafe until appropriate Legendaries can fill the gapBallisticsBoosts the effectiveness of both Strafe and VengeanceAdds supplemental damageHot PursuitIncreases the mobility of this build while utilizing Strafe, making up some of the associated movement speed penaltyNight StalkerAllows you to replenish Discipline more quickly and make more frequent use of Preparation(Punishment) and Smoke Screen (Displacement) in later build iterationsAlternative Skills:ActiveMarked for Death (Contagion)Replaces Entangling Shot once a Hatred generator is no longer neededHelps fill in the builds weaknesses by offering additional damage modifiersAlso offers great group utility in multiplayerVengeance (Dark Heart)Use this rune instead of Vengeance (Seethe) once resource management is no longer a concernCompliments Chakram and Strafe as you glide effortlessly through your enemiesSmoke Screen (Displacement)Replaces Companion (Bat Companion) once resources are no longer relevantRemoves some of the “glass cannon” feel from the buildOffers a way to break out of crowd control effectsA short invulnerability helps you get out of sticky situationsMovement speed bonus complements an already highly mobile buildPassiveSingle OutReplaces Blood Vengeance once resources are more steadily suppliedFirmly cements the single-target annihilation abilities of this buildCompliments Night Stalker, allowing you to replenish Discipline more quickly and make better use of Preparation (Punishment) The Items: The following items are by no means necessary—the initial build presented above is usable with any level of gear. Of course, as you progress and climb higher in difficulty, you should keep an eye out for some of the following complementary items.  Outlaw has found some of the items he needs to climb through Torment levels, but there's plenty more to go!Complementary Items:CindercoatStrafe (Rocket Storm) benefits from both the damage and resource cost reduction of this legendaryBlack FeatherA good alternative to Cindercoat for lower difficulty levelsHelps alleviate the struggle with area of effect damageSupplements the build’s theme while also being usefulTrag'Oul CoilsAssists with resource managementResets almost all cooldowns, offering a higher uptime for VengeanceReaper's WrapsAllows the shift out of Blood Vengeance and into Single OutNote: The legendary power of this item only restores Hatred and not DisciplineHexing Pants of Mr. YanYou always want to be moving with this build, and this item encourages precisely thatRoughly as integral to perfecting this build as Cindercoat and Ice ClimbersIce ClimbersMobility is extremely important to this buildImmunity to some of the nastiest crowd control effects drastically increases this builds survivabilityKrede's FlameOffers yet another method of frequent resource regeneration, though at a dangerous exchangeCould be used in conjunction with The Star of Azkaranth for a nearly limitless source of HatredK'mar TenclipDrastically increases the build's mobility, removing the movement speed penalty associated with StrafeRecommended Stats:When starting out, you should focus on finding or rerolling gear for Critical Hit Chance and Resource Cost Reduction, as this will help you with early resource regeneration and reduce your downtime inStrafe. After you acquire a few items and resources become less of a concern, you can shift your focus to +% Damage to Fire Skills and Critical Hit Damage to raise your overall DPS.  While other DPS components are useful, these will help you strive towards early success, even if you’re lacking some of the more ideal Legendaries. Recommended Difficulty and Game Mode:Due to the flexibility and growth Outlaw provided in his Theorycraft Thursday submission, the MRL build can be used at any game difficulty and any game mode, though it truly thrives in single-target encounters. The Hellfire Ring events and Nephalem Rift bosses are prime prey for this rocket-laden maiden, but the supplemental damage provided by Marked for Death (Contagion) is a boon to any party in group play.  All of you? Yep, you're next.This is a great build for budding young Demon Hunters starting their journey through Torment I and beyond, growing with each supplemental legendary acquired. For more tips and tricks, you should definitely check out Outlaw's full guide on the Demon Hunter forums. He's detailed some of the finer points of handling troublesome enemies and also TLDR'd the details for those who can’t wait to jump into the action! Why We Like This Build:While I have a 70 of each class, I struggle with some classes more than others and the Demon Hunter is one that both intrigues and intimidates me. It takes serious skill to be proficient with this squirrely, mobile class, and I'll shamefully admit that understanding the science behind balancing your Hatred and Discipline confused me thoroughly at first. Outlaw's build is straightforward and fun. While I shudder to think of the dizziness my poor Demon Hunter endures with each play session, I can’t wait to jump back in—I'm currently drowning Kadala in Blood Shards for that elusive K'mar Tenclip. The MRL is easy to learn and difficult to master, requiring early resource management skills while training you to master kiting techniques.  Tell Us What You Think!The MRL build Outlaw sent over is a blast (pun entirely intended) to play and offers a very clear sense of progression as items are acquired. Are there any items or skills we missed? What would you do differently with a Strafe oriented build? Can I link Strafe more times before this blog ends?Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to send me your builds atTheorycraftThursday@blizzard.com!”  

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Diablo 3 Pet AI Bug will Be Fixed

Published:Jun 5. From:Max 1

Have you ever experienced one of Diablo 3’s pet classes? If yes, you may note that minions don’t always behave the way you expect them to. And in some situations, they’ll lag behind others and refuse to attack enemies on screen. Notably, the Witch Doctor skills “Zombie Dogs” and “Gargantuan” suffer from these bugs. With that in mind, Blizzard has announced that they will be releasing a patch soon to deal with these issues, which have long been a problem with the game—since its release a couple of years ago, in fact. Here’s what Grimiku, community manager for the game, wrote on the official Diabloforums: I did some digging and found out that these changes will update multiple pets, and not just Call of the Ancients. I'll go over what those changes are, and what pets it should affect. I also want to emphasize that we don’t have an estimate to share for when we expect patch 2.1, but we’re definitely working on it and are looking to provide a PTR. We're making a number improvements to the AI of several pets We're also fixing a number of issues that sometimes prevented some pets from attacking nearby enemies, or caused them to stand still and stop attacking their current target Pets affected by these changes should include: Call of the AncientsCompanionFetish ArmyGargantuanMystic AllyPhalanxZombie Dogs 

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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition will Hit Japan

Published:Jun 3. From:Max 1
Diablo 3, Square Enix, Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition, Sony

Diablo III was published by Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan as PlayStation 3 exclusive. Now, the Japanese version has been available for several months. And we won’t wait too long before Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition arrives. The Japanese version is a fully localized version of the game with Japanese text and voiceovers. The only difference is Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition will only be released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan. The follow up to Diablo III will be available on August 21. That is just two days later than the game’s launch in the west.   

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NECA will Release a Diablo 3 Deluxe Action Figure This June

Published:May 29. From:Max 1
D3, NECA, Blizzard

Earlier, NECA announced that they will release a Diablo 3 deluxe action figure to honor Blizzard Entertainment’s best-selling action RPG series. This figure is scheduled to hit the market next month. NECA just released some new artistic photos of the figure, offering us a look at the clamshell packaging that the figure will ship in.   Since 1996, a name has been whispered — the name of the living nightmare that even demons dread. The terror that can never die. That name is Diablo: the namesake of Blizzard Entertainment’s best-selling action RPG series, and now a deluxe action figure from NECA! Diablo stands over 9″ tall, with a poseable tail that’s over 12″ long. Each figure is hand-painted and features over 25 points of articulation for poses to inspire panic and despair in other action figures. You will have access to this figure this June. It will be priced at $25. Click here to preorder if you are interested.          

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Look at the Balance in Diablo 3

Published:May 27. From:Max 1
D3, Balance

Game balancing is always important. You know, small oversights can result in some skill, character or item being absurdly overpowered and chosen by most players in spite of the rest of the content the devs worked so hard to produce. Now, let’s focus on the Balance in Diablo 3 to see how fair things are right now.   Streamlined Elemental Types are one of the most underated features that 2.0 brought to life, hidden a bit behind Pools of Reflection, Nephalem Glory, New Stats, Loot 2.0 and the pre-expansion hype. These days, having a mono-elemental build and adding +Elemental%  is one of the best ways to increase your DPS. While this particular DPS increase will not show on your character sheet DPS and thus was originally neglected by a big part of the player base, the fact that you need some sort of Elemental Damage if you want to excel is now starting to become widely accepted.That being said, are all elements born equal? Should we choose a particular element if we want to be the best?We are going to take a deeper look into those questions, and we are going to analyze this from two perspectives.Elemental Boosting Items.Everyone can get Elemental Damage on any normal Bracer and/or Neck, you can also use the Stone of Jordan Ring, the Andariel’s Visage helmet and the Lidless Wall shield to boost your element of choice. Other than that you can only get specific Elemental Damage from a select few Legendaries. Lets take a closer look to them.  Likely the best elemental item in the game right now.Fire:Burning Axe of SankisDevastatorMaximusCindercoatMagefistFirebird’s FineryTriumvirateYou can get an extra 60% Fire Damage from items or 80% if you are a Wizard. Cindercoat has beast secondary ability and Magefist even has 5 Primaries. Fire is clearly heads and shoulders ahead of the competition. Cold:FrostburnWinter FlurryAzurewrathUtar’s RoarTriumvirateYou can get an extra 60% if you Dual Wield and 50% if you are a Wizard. If you want to use a Two-Hander then 20% extra is all you can get. Azurewrath and Utar’s both give us Cold Damage as one of the Weapon’s 4th primary stats, this hurts them a lot compared to other Legendary Weapons that get a unique affix on top of the Primaries.Lightning:The Eye of the StormStorm CrowThundergod’s VigorSchaefer’s HammerWon Khim LauTriumvirateThere are Helmets you can use as alternative to Andariel’s Visage for both the Wizard and the Monk, with the Monk even getting an extra 10% lightning damage. Thundergod’s Vigor is great as 20% elemental damage on belt is a powerful DPS increase. Won Khim Lau has 5 Primaries which makes it really good. If you are a Monk then Lightning is a pretty good Element for you to focus on, otherwise you likely only have 20% extra from your belt.Poison: Swamp Land Waders20% Extra Poison on Pants might not be much, but at least it’s on a slot where you don’t have many DPS options. Not a really strong element, but at least you are not Physical.Physical:Doombringer20% Extra is all you can get, and that’s counting on one handed swords being good for your build. You’d also lose out on many great Legendary Weapons, at least the Doombringer is nice enough to give us the Physical Damage as a 5th primary affix.Holy:Sky CutterHallowed BarricadeIf you Sword and Board those two you can get 40% Extra Holy Damage, but you would be giving up the set bonus for the Hallowed Set. You might actually be better off just using the set. Arcane:TriumviratePretty tame really unless you decide to include Slorak’s Madness. That beast of a Weapon gets Disintegrate damage on top of the 4 Primaries, it also laughes when you die.General Thoughts:The best slots to get extra Elemental Damage seem to be Chest, Belt, and Pants since there aren’t many good offensive stats you can normally get there. Weapons look like the worst way to get the bonuses as  that means you will lose out on other Legendary Weapons that can have build defining special abilities. Besides that, you are competing against 10% Damage, 750 Main Stat and Socket, which are all superior or at the very least equal to Elemental Damage.Consider that you already have 60% Elemental Damage in other slots, you would be going from 60% to 80%, 1.8/1.6= it is only a 12.5% Increase, barely superior to 10% damage (unless you are dual wielding, in that case it becomes vastly superior to 10% damage to just half of your attacks.)The best options at first glance are Fire anything, Lightning Monk and Dual Wield Frost, the problem with the latter is that Monk’s don’t really have a great Cold arsenal, on the other hand a Barbarian Cold build could be worth looking into.Elemental Skill Builds:  oops, wrong game.Fire:Demon Hunter: Godlike.Wizard: Godlike.Barbarian: Awesome.Crusader: Very good.Monk: Completely Viable (as far as Monk’s go).Witch Doctor: Firebats just got buffed, we might have a great build here.Fire is good across the board, any Class can choose to go Fire and get a very good if not the optimal build for the class, once again Fire is the cream of the crop. Cold:Wizard: Frozen Orb might have been nerfed, but Cold is still a strong option for Wizards that are feeling chill.Barbarian: Frenzy, Hammer of the Ancients, Whirlwind, Revenge, Seismic Slam, Avalanche, and Earthquake.  Barb has a lot of options for Cold and I think it can take a big advantage of dual weilding +Cold% weaponsDemon Hunter: Frost Arrow and a Cold Rapid Fire are the notables for this build, Kridershot might enable a Cold Build but I doubt it is anywhere near as effective as the Cluster Arrow variants.Monk: Lashing Tail’s Kick Cold Rune is super awesome, but that’s almost everything Monks have to boast about their Cold arsenal, the biggest strenght of that is that enables a range build for Monk, too bad that build is better served with a slow two hander.Witch Doctor: The Witch Doctor has some Cold skills but at first glance they don’t seem particularly strong. Maybe someone could make it work but it would require quite a bit of creativity.Crusader: The Crusader has a laughable Cold arsenal, any type of Cold builds would likely end up being a very gimmick way to spec.Cold might look to have a decent gear set, but it lacks in terms of Skills. Cold’s high end viability rests mainly on the shoulders of Wizards at the moment.Maybe we could take a deeper look at some other Cold builds in the Hellforge.Lightning:Monk: Gear wise,Monks are the kings of Lightning and luckily they have the skills to support it, a good Lightning Monk has a chance to be the best Monk there is.Wizard: Electrocute Builds are super fun and can be super good, to be honest Wizards are one of the few classes that have good builds for all their possible elemental variants.Barbarian: Thunder Barbarian had its time in the limelight with the OP Shard of Hate, after it’s fix though Lightning Barbs seem to be less popular as there are other stronger options for them. Lightning Barbarian might still be viable though if it is built smartly.Crusader: If I’m being honest, Crusaders are the class I’m least familiar with. Still, this holy warrior boasts pretty good Lightning skills to zap your opponents to pieces.Demon Hunter: Overlooked because of CA’s supremacy, Rain of Vengeance, and Vengeance have Strong Lightning runes that make a CDR build worth looking into. Lightning DH might need a bit of polish in order to be truly viable.Lightning suffers from lack of synergy on it’s possible skill builds, classes that have decent Lightning Skill tend to have better combinations avaliable in other trees.Poison:Demon Hunter: Once again overlooked because of the power of Cluster Arrow, there’s some good stuff here though. If you want to try something different, Poison DH might just be your thing.Witch Doctor: The Witch Doctor has plenty of Poison skills to choose from, the thing isPet WD seems to be all the Rage these days and with good reason. The Doctor’s direct damage spenders could use some love so they can actually complete with the awesomeness of the pet build.With only two classes having access to Poison skills, there isn’t much to talk about.Physical:Barbarian: Despite the terrible itemization for Physical, Barbarians can still go this route thanks to the awesome Boulder Toss rune on Ancient Spear. You’d need a lot of gear to make it reliable as Raekgor’s becomes a must.Witch Doctor: The Witch Doctor has a few workable Physical Skills like the Angry Chicken and a Tower of Zombies, more importantly Fetish Sycophants and Fetish Army are Physical Damage. You can definately get an elite Physical build with the Witch Doctor. Too bad you’ll likely want a Starmetal Kukri and thus lose out on using the Doombringer.Monk: Monk lost a lot of its Physical Capabilities on the latest patch as many formerly physical runes went to other elements. I sent a few Monk Physical Builds to the Westmarch Workshop once, I might feature them on the site pronto.Demon Hunter: Cluster Arrow – Shooting Stars with the Ballistics passive is even better than Loaded for Bear, the horrible itemization stops it from competing with Fire CA builds but if you are like me and just can’t score a Dex Cindercoat this is a pretty good option.Crusader: a CDR oriented pet build could end up working wonders for the Crusader. A bit more theory would be needed though.There are still some classes that allow interesting Physical Builds, the main problem with the Physical typing is its itemization. Hopefully this will be fixed with the next wave of Legendaries that will come in patch 2.1, until then you can only wait.Holy:Monk: Fulminating Onslaught is a beast rune for Seven Sided Strike, it might be even worth basing an entire build around it.Crusader: Come on, Holy is the Crusader’s thing right? There’s likely a few competetive builds that are Holy.Again, only two classes can use Holy. Monk could definately use some upgrades on its Holy options since as of right now, they feel a bit lack luster. Arcane:Wizard: Archon builds are still pretty strong for Arcane, Disintegrate is also  super beast with Slorak’s Madness.Arcane is the Wizard’s domain, it is well represented.Conclusions:  loosely related to the topic, I guess. Fire emerges tall and in terms of both skills and itemization, leaves everyone else in the dust. While some specs might have better alternatives, Fire is top 2 in most classes if not all of them. The problem seems to be that Elemental Typing wasn’t designed from the ground up and looking at possible build combinations but rather on class flavor and simply adjusting existing skills here and there. You can tell that our elemental typings on skill are a leftover rearrangement of D3 1.0 and the vast improvements that this very good 2.0 Streamlined Elemental System should’ve brought are kind of lost as they seem to drown on that outdated design. But fear not, the Dev team has shown that they are actively looking to fix this issue. Just look at the latest patch where they have been tweaking elemental types to better represent our new system so that’s one half of the problem already being addressed. We just hope that all Elements will be put in competitive place itemization wise in the next batch of Legendaries, which would definitely help solve the other half of the problem.   

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Latest1080p Footage of Diablo 3 on PS4

Published:May 22. From:Max 1
D3, PS4, Xbox One, BlizzCon

The PlayStation 4 version of Diablo III has just received a new footage, displaying us the 1080p/60fps version of the game. The video provides a good, albeit brief, look at some of the content introduced in the Reaper of Souls PC expansion, including the Crusader class and areas from Act 5. It also provides a brief glimpse at the game's controller-friendly inventory system, which was introduced in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III last year. The PS4 version of Diablo III was unveiled at last year's BlizzCon. It has been confirmed that the game will also hit Xbox One. No matter which version you buy, you can get the content from Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion when they are released in August.  

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Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Gets a New Trailer

Published:May 20. From:Max 0
D3, Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition, Blizzard, PS4

Last week, Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition was confirmed to launch on all consoles. Blizzard just released a new trailer for it, showing some PS4 gameplay. The trailer features the Crusader, which is the new class available in the Reaper of Souls expansion. The Ultimate Evil Edition is scheduled to hit Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 on August 19. This edition contains the base game and the Reaper of Souls expansion, which was previously only available on PC. Additionally, the game will also include mode that will boost the power of low-level player to match those of their higher-level co-op buddies.           

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Elite Ground Attacks will Get Nerfed in Future

Published:May 17. From:Link 0

Some player complained in the official forum that Elite ground attacks made too much damage. Later, the Diablo 3 community manager gave a response. See below: The Player Diablerie:  “Go near a Plagued or Desecrator pool and barely touch it, your hit points will drop faster than Hogan's wrecking ball in custard.I was gonna say we need to be informed of these changes, but considering that idiotic decisions are never admitted by Blizzard.......here we go again.” The Community Manager Grimiku’s Response:  “Wyatt just mentioned this in the anniversary Twitch stream, actually. Some of the ground effects are doing too much damage currently, and we intend to tone them down. We don't have an ETA to share yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we do.” 

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Leap Animation Difference between Male & Female Barbarians to Be Fixed in Future Patch

Published:May 16. From:Max 0
Diablo 3, Blizzard, Leap Animation

Recently, Blizzard made a "tweak" on the leap animation between male & female Barbarians, but lots of players were not satisfied with it. Later, the Diablo 3 community manager gave a response to a player’s question. See below: The Player Ixir #1276: “Anyhow, my real frustration was the animation "tweak" blizzard did instead of making male barbs up to snuff with female barbs they just put a small delay during leaps. To most people and trolls this doesn't make sense to them? Why?”  Community Manager Nevalistis: “We're really grateful for the feedback regarding this change, and I'd like to provide some insight regarding why this change came to pass in this manner.The animations between the male and female Barbarian for Leap is something that's been different for quite some time, since the original Diablo III release in fact. Of course, the difference wasn't very noticeable as, at the time, you couldn't Leap multiple times back to back.With the introduction of Lut Socks, this magnified the previously unnoticed difference, and we agreed that we needed to fix it to make sure both animations were completing at the same time and therefore performing equally. We do agree the fix went in the wrong direction, and as a result you'll see a change in a future patch where both Barbarian genders will Leap at not only a faster pace than the current implementation, but faster than the original female animation.” 

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